Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Let's Fuck Granny

British Granny Lacey Starr needs a good stuffing and we brought along our guys and girl. We start off with our Granny making a nuisance of herself to Merlin while he is trying to concentrate on his work, bad mistake as he soon ties her up and fucks the daylights out of her. Next she has a visit from her young friend Sarah Jane who has always wanted to get inside Lacey Starrs panties and takes full advantage of her. Finally Merlin and Pascal take it in turns to give Granny a real hard fucking and she screams the place down with joy. That’s it we fucked Granny!!

Mp4 848x480
3 files = 1260 MB
Duration: 82 min
Video: AVC 1070 kbps
Audio: AAC 128 kbps

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