Tuesday, 14 June 2016

4TK 4unt Judy: I'm Not 50, I'm 5 Perfect 10's

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Stars: Nicole, Lala Bond, Macy Maddison, Dimonte, Nina, Anna,
Karolina, Sendy Silver, Annabella
Description: A woman over 50 is not over considered 50 due to her age,
but because she scores a perfect 10 in five important categories:
experience, lack of inhibition, ability to please a man, ability to
orgasm, and mature sexiness! These woman have qualities a younger woman
just can't deliver on. Like a fine wine, their tits and pussies just get
better with age. Watch and see why these lovely ladies are not over 50,
they are indeed 5 perfect 10s!

Mp4 848x480
10 files = 2060 MB
Duration: 131 min
Video: AVC 1070 kbps
Audio: AAC 128 kbps

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