Saturday, 3 October 2015

Lesbian Adventures

Description: 'Most members to Lady Suspender enjoy watching the erotic interaction
gradually building up between amateurs in full length Adventures DVDs . Many
others prefer watching gorgeous amateurs, all lesbians, of all ages, lose
themselves in pleasuring other women with their hands, mouths, tongues, toys,
bodies...just the filthy, horny sequences within the Adventures films. This
Lesbian Adventures 1 is for them. The best bits from Adventures 12, 13, 14
and 15. Eight English lesbian amateurs taking charge, living out their
fantasies, breaking down the barriers of innocence and lustfully taking
control of their hidden desires. Simply fabulous!'
Categories: Amateur, Lesbian, Mature, Pantyhose/Panties

File Name: la.mkv
File Size: 895.12 MB
Resolution: 854x480 @ 1212x480
Duration: 01:29:51
Video: AVC 900 kbps
Audio: AAC 64 kbps
Rar Parts: 2x300 MB, 1x296 MB
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Download part1 from K2S
Download part2 from K2S
Download part3 from K2S

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